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Gundersen warns GE’s reactors ‘not just a Fukushima issue’

Dismissing pleas from citizen groups in local U.S. communities where General Electric’s Fukushima-style reactors operate and ignoring expert testimony from independent nuclear engineers, the NRC voted earlier this month against a plan to require utility owners to upgrade nuclear plant filtering … Continue reading

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‘Entergy watches as boron decays’

Will New York State have any more success in shutting down Entergy’s Indian Point nuclear waste dump on the Hudson River than Vermont has had, so far, in its battle to close Entergy’s Yankee plant that befouls the landmark Connecticut … Continue reading

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Indian Point: Still America’s Most Dangerous Nuclear Plant?

“Shut it down! Shut it down! Shut it down!” rang through the cavernous grand ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown, NY, last week when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission staged an Orwellian charade promoted as an “open house” held to … Continue reading

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NRC’s failure to regulate cited in Indian Point transformer fire

New York State’s $1.2 million penalty against the owners of the Indian Point nuclear plant points a finger once more at failed oversight by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The penalty against the Louisiana-based Entergy Corporation for violations of the Clean … Continue reading

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Greenpeace Int’l report: ‘Attitude of allowed deception’ led to Fukushima disaster

The ‘lesson’ from Fukushima? Nuclear safety does not exist in reality. That’s the conclusion in a new report from Greenpeace International on the ongoing nuclear catastrophe in Japan that erupted at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant a year ago. “There … Continue reading

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USPRIG report: nuke plant leaks threaten drinking water

Today’s groundwater is tomorrow’s drinking water. So warned a far-reaching 2010 report on the rising number of leaks and spills from nuclear power plants and their spreading threat to water resources – groundwater, surface water, and drinking water wells — … Continue reading

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Indian Point: evacuation plans “an unworkable joke”

“Imagine the scene: more than 300,000 people are running and driving away from the stricken reactor along winding Westchester roads, trying to reach their children, their spouses, and their mates. Then they begin to taste a strange, metallic flavor in … Continue reading

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Indian Point: spent fuel pools are the greatest risk of all

“Indian Point spent fuel storage has about three times more radioactivity than the combined total in the spent fuel pools at the four troubled Fukushima reactors,” according to a new report, Spent Nuclear Fuel Pools in the U.S.: Reducing the … Continue reading

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Indian Point: U.S. nuke ‘most at risk’ from an earthquake

The long-troubled Indian Point nuclear power plant outside New York City sits on an active seismic zone and has the highest probability of core damage from an earthquake disaster of any nuclear plant in the country. (What are the odds? … Continue reading

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Helen Caldicott: “Chernobyl: How many more will die?”

With radioactive contamination now spreading around the world as a result of the ongoing nuclear catastrophe in Japan, leading environmental watchdog groups, anti-nuclear activists, journalists and others joined together Saturday (Oct. 1) in a series of National Day of Action … Continue reading

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